Interested in joining all or some of your club coaches in a special group package? UltimatePlayerHQ Club Membership allows clubs and organizations to offer all of the UltimatePlayerHQ benefits to their coaches for one year at a discounted rate.

For clubs looking to join 5 to 10 coaches, please use this online form.

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Below is a sample landing page for your club that will be created once you join. Club page will include club logo, website link, your favorite sessions you want your coaches to see (can be changed monthly) and any additional text that you would like to add.

Sample Landing Page designed for your club



Your club has provided you with one year access to UltimateplayerHQ. Welcome to your clubs membership home page. This page is only accessible to your clubs members! Check back often!

Search all sessions from the home page and individual session pages, comment on individual sessions and download videos (annual plans only).

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